5 ways to create more space in your Cheshire home

5 ways to create more space in your Cheshire home 

If you want to create a spacious property, consider these five tips:

1)      Store items in your loft

At More Than Loft Ladders, one of the best providers of Cheshire loft ladders, we can assist you in creating additional space in your loft. We can transform your existing loft space into one that is useable and spacious, so you can easily store lots of items in it. You’ll be able to invest in loft boarding, loft hatches, loft lighting, loft insulation and loft ladders with us, and before long your previously waster loft space will become an invaluable room in the house!

2)      Sell unwanted items

This is a great way to earn a bit of money at the same time as clearing some space within your home. As you are sorting through the many odds and ends you may have in your property, you can decide which you would like to keep and which you think would be better used by someone else. You could sell them online or at a car boot sale, whichever suited you better!

3)      Buy additional cupboards and bookshelves

Alongside creating more space in your loft, you might find that putting up additional shelving can help you to keep surfaces clear. This will also give you a chance to keep the more important items close to hand, whereas things such as Christmas decorations and old books can be kept in the loft.

4)      Throw away items

No one likes to get rid of things, but you will probably find that there are certain items you have kept onto for much longer than necessary. If you come across any such items, don’t be afraid to get rid of them once and for all rather than cluttering up your loft with them!

5)      Set up a recycling system

Once you have created the ideal loft to store items in and you have put up additional shelving units, you should consider setting up a recycling system that will help you to keep on top of things from then on. For example, rather than holding onto old magazines, put them in your paper recycling bin or take them to the recycling centre. Many other products can be recycled, including old appliances and pieces of furniture.

So you see, there are many ways to create a spacious home. If you would like to get a head start, call More Than Loft Ladders today to find the best solution for you.